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Our honey is from our own honeycombs. We try to create the purest honey possible. The honey is minimally filtered, never heated and packed with its natural enzymes.Simply put, it's honest, locally sourced honey harvest from a small forest close to Visby on the Isle of Gotland.


We regard our honey as "organic", because of...

- The honey is pure, as never treated with chemical medications and the honeycombs are situated far from pesticide-treated agriculture fields.

- The honeycomb is built out of massive wood and treated with environmentally friendly colours.

- We use no plastic either in the honeycombs or in the production.

- We harvest our honey carefully with as little disturbance for the bees as possible

- For wintertime we leave a large amount of honey in the combs and feed only with organic certified sows, if necessary.

- Our bees are an old Scandinavian bread ("nordiska bee") and far away from genetically modified breads.


Forest honey

  • Our "Skogshonung" ("Honey from the forrest") comes in 2 sizes.

    • 500gr: h: 9.5cm dia: 8.5cm
    • 167ml: h: 7cm dia: 6.5cm

    The honey has a creamy, a bit thicker texture. You can find a specification on the label (only 500gr jars) from which flowers our bees collected their honey (only in Swedish).

    Batch #17

    25% stone fruit, 25% bracken/goat apple, 24% raspberry/blackberry, 6% sunflower, 5% field bean, 4% blue fire, 3% white clover, 3% linden, 2% canola, 2% sword lily, 1% stone fruit, 1% privet, 1% thistle-type, clover plants <8%.

    Also contains nectar plants in small amounts (<0.5 - 1% e.g.


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