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Välkommen till Himmel&Hage vi öppnar igen i SLUTET av maj!

Sommar 2024

VÄXTFÄRNING "MED NATURENS EGET PIGMENT" med Linda Zetterman @boomcraftstudio
VÄXTFÄRNING "MED NATURENS EGET PIGMENT" med Linda Zetterman @boomcraftstudio
Aug 31, 2024, 10:00 AM – Sep 01, 2024, 4:00 PM
FOLLINGBO SLÄTTFLISHAGE 429B, 621 91 Visby, Sverige

Here you can stay in the middle of nature in one of our 3 accommodation options, all with their own entrance and of course ecological!

Farm kitchen & orangery

In the barn is our farm kitchen and the sourdough bakery.

Breakfast is served here and you sit in the lovely orangery among olive trees and figs.

Afterlight Image 19.jpg
AfterlightImage 20.jpg

In the barn is the pottery studio. Much of the pottery on the farm is made in the studio. There is also a small shop in the orangery. Products from the farm and ceramics are sold there.

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Right now we are building a lovely natural pool with natural purification through plants.

The pool is planned to be ready for our guests in summer 2023.

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