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Himmel&Hage is beautifully situated next to birches and meadows, less than 1 mile outside Visby.

Here you will find everything from a birch forest, an orchard with chickens, an herb garden and a smaller, mixed cultivation with vegetables and edible flowers on a limited area of approx. 4000m2.

Here you can unwind and recharge your batteries. Everything we do is characterized by long-term sustainability, to help create a beautiful future.

We are constantly developing our ecosystem, so that you as a guest can enjoy the great richness of our nature.

As a guest, you will meet our Scanian flower hens who provide us with wonderful fresh breakfast eggs and Nordic bees who give us the fine forest honey. In the summer, some Gotland lambs also visit us.

We are genebank affiliated and contribute to protecting old cultural breeds.

The thought & vision

Nevertheless, since we started the business, we follow a common thread. We are passionate about the organic. We are curious to be involved and contribute to changing the world by thinking more sustainably. We believe in ecological responsibility, social inclusion, diversity, zero waste and a sensual life.

Himmel&Hage should be seen as a source of inspiration for concrete action for health and sustainability in the world, but also be a place for stillness, reflection and creativity.

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Organic & sustainable
a natural choice!

We are constantly working on the development of our environmental choices. We think it is important to leave as few traces as possible behind.

Natural material

With us, you live in rooms that are built throughout with natural materials. The house is insulated with wood fiber or cellulose; the surface is wooden paneling on the wall and solid pine floor. All naturally treated with e.g. linseed oil or soap.


Our shower water is heated by the sun.

We use the most frugal flushing option for WC and the whole yard is connected through a vacuum system.

We collect rainwater in buried tanks that help us water our garden.

Zero waste

We always strive to reduce waste and make the business more sustainable for us and our employees. In addition to local cooperation, logistics, less supply, but higher quality are part of the strategy towards less wastage.

We also work actively with composting ours food waste which in turn becomes soil and nutrition for next year's vegetables.

More facts:

- With us, bed linen and towels are made from 100% natural materials. We wash everything ourselves with sonett's detergent.

- We clean with soap and organic cleaning products. In all  hotel rooms have waste sorting bins.

- Soap and skin lotion are organic.

- We have our own herb and vegetable garden and the ingredients you are offered for breakfast are organic or wild.

- We cover the largest part of our electricity consumption through solar cells.


If you are thinking about building or renovating sustainably and ecologically, we are happy to help and share tips from the farm's many construction projects to the extent that we can and have time.



Heaven & Hage is owned and operated by the Dickie-Peterson family.





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